“One of Hartwig's greatest strengths is guiding strategy to help our team deliver more focused, interesting marketing tools. He's also a talented writer, a creative pro, and my 'go to guy' in tough situations. Tom isn't afraid to bring up those tough questions most of us are afraid to ask. I recommend Tom for any creative challenge, regarless of an absurd deadline or complexity.”

May 15, 2017

Mike Begnaud – President

CTI Freight America

(913) 908-2519

“Tom is an extraordinary Designer. His combination of incredible talent and creativity is unparalleled. Tom has a very keen eye for detail, color, and shape that shines through every job he executes. All the clients that Tom and I have worked with have loved his ideas and design solutions. He has great team rapport with strangers and he explains the rationale behind all his designs brillantly that make lots of sense.”

December 12, 2015

Bill Biggar – Screenwriter

Warner Bros. Entertainment

(818) 954-6021

(816) 529 - 6170